Brooklyn Community District 15

The following is contact information for this Community Board:
Kingsboro College
2001 Oriental Boulevard, C Cluster
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone: 718.332.3008
Fax: 718.648.7232

The following description is taken from the Furman Center’s State of New York City’s Housing and Neighborhoods 2007 report. For more information about this Community District, click here (PDF):
Contrary to borough-wide trends, Sheepshead Bay saw a 5% drop in prices of single family homes between 2005 and 2006. Lending activity is low in CD 215; it ranks in the bottom five districts city-wide. A larger percentage of school children perform at or above grade level than the borough average in reading, and the CD is on par with the borough average on math. CD 215 saw a sizeable increase in the foreign born population throughout the 90s, growing from 26% to 45%, but the rate has leveled off in recent years. The area is fairly diverse in terms of income but ranks near the bottom of all CDs in racial diversity

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